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Refurbished Heaven Fresh Water Purifier - Aqua Charger
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XJ-250 (For Pet Clean)
Special features

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Order a combo: XJ250 + XJ2000  with discount


XJ-250 ionic pet cleaning brush

Special features XJ-250 benefits to you and your pets How to Use Cleaning and Maintenance Technical Specifications Caution
Ionic Pet Cleaning Brush
Our XJ-250 brush away your pet odors in minutes. It maintains healthy and shinny hair on your pets! Very EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE!
Use ionizing process to eliminate pet’s bad odor Protect your pets Wholly electronic circuit Maintain healthy, shiny and fluffy hair on your pet Fresh body smell 5 minutes automatic shut off to save battery Reduce frequency bath of your pet Maintain your pet’s skin quality Keep your house clean and fresh
Replacement & Warranty:
30 day money back guarantee One year warranty Click here for detail policy
Included Accessories:
1 brush body 2 brush head (1 for replacement)
Special features

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Ionic technology.
The XJ-250 uses ionic technology to produce optimal negative ions with a few strokes. ns per cubic centimeter. Indoor air however only has about 100 negative ions per cubic centimeter.
Clean dusts and particles as small as 0.01 micron.

Negative ions force particles as small as 0.01 micron from your pet. They can also neutralize airborne viruses and microorganism as well.
Remove odor from your pets.

The XJ-250 also produces active oxygen to eliminate the bad odor on your pets.
Cost efficient & save power.
5 minutes automatic shut off to save battery power.
XJ-250 benefits for your health

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Clean and shinny hair on your pets
Pet’s hair becomes clean, shiny, fluffy and stylish.
Remove pet’s odor
It removes pet’s odor and produces fresh & clean smell with only few strokes.
Healthier pets.

Frequent use can improve skin quality of your pet.
Reduce frequency bath.

XJ-250 brush is more effective to clean your pet than simply a bath. You can reduce the frequency of your pet’s bath.
How to use & place XJ-250

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Put a single 9V battery.
Open the battery box on the handle, put a single 9V battery according to positive and negative sign indicated on the box. Then close the cover.
ON/OFF switch.

ON/OFF switch is located at the back of the handle. Press the switch, latching 0B4697 LED (light) indicates the device is operating. And when you press the switch again, the device is turned off.
Brush in the same direction.

Brush pet’s hair gently in the same direction, so that the brush plate will not fall off.
Caution!!! Do not use when pet’s hair is wet.
To prevent electric shock, do not use when pet’s hair is wet.
Remove tangled hair.

In order to assure maximum volume of ion, please clear away tangled hair on the brush plate
Keep away from liquid or moisture.

Do not allow moisture and other liquid go into the device.
Humidity causes static sound.

Static electricity sounds produced during operation due to high humidity levels is not a malfunction and is not harmful to your pet.
Latching red light indicates low battery.

Latching red LED (light) indicates low battery power. It is recommend to replace battery when the red LED indicator is latching or the device might not be as effective.
Cleaning and Maintenance

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Turn off the brush.
Make sure to turn off device before cleaning.
Clean the brush plate.

Brush plate can be removed from the device for cleaning by sliding it towards the handle. Simply soak the brush plate in detergent to remove hair, dirt and grease on the surface.
Clean cover with detergent.

Use a mild detergent to clean the exterior of the XJ-250.
Press On/Off switch to restart the brush operation.

For efficiency and to save battery power, the machine will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of continuous operation. Press ON/OFF switch again to restart the device.
Limit use to 2-5 minutes.

Please limit use to 2-5 minutes to prevent excessive battery powerconsumption during continuous operation.
Take out battery if not used for a while.
Take out the battery in case the device is not being used for a long time to prevent damage caused by battery leakage. Clean once a month.
Perform maintenance when needed or at least once every two months to keep your XJ-250 operating at peak performance.
Technical Specifications

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  • Rated voltage = DC 9V
  • Power consumption = 1.5W
  • Ion output = MAX 1,000/cm³
  • Active oxygen output = less than 0.05ppm
  • Dimension: 240*40*70(mm) or 9.6*1.6*2.8(inches)
  • Weight = 132g or 0.29lbs

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We recommend that individuals with a history of respiratory disease consult with their doctor about possible sensitivity to this machine.

Order XJ250
Order a combo: XJ250 + XJ2000  with discount

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Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-800
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