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Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-800
Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-800
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XJ-2100 Ionic Air Purifier

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New! XJ-2100 Ionic Air Purifier

Unprecedented power in an ionic air purifier -

Unmatched Ionic Power. Featuring an unprecedented 25 ionizing pins, a significant boost in ionic power over existing ionic air purifiers. Unlike heavily advertised ionic air purifiers, the
XJ-2100 circulates air-cleaning negative ions throughout a room.

 99.5% Removal Rate of Particles in Chamber.

No Filters to Replace. Just wipe off the metal plates, which attract pollutants like a magnet. The XJ-2100's collection plates are very easy to remove, clean and reinsert.

Increased Air Flow. An independently-controlled fan has been added, since increased air circulation results in increased air-cleaning efficiency.

Whisper Quiet. The XJ-2100 is extremely quiet, especially if the fan is turned "off". Even when the fan is on though, it is still very quiet.

Highly Durable. Advanced materials and circuitry design promise to make the XJ-2100 the most durable air ionizer yet.

Energy Efficient. Despite the added ionic power, the XJ-2100 uses just 8 watts of electricity, costing just pennies a day to operate.

Use in Home or Vehicle. The XJ-2100 can be plugged into the wall outlets in your home, and also comes with an adapter for use in the vehicle, so you can enjoy purified air wherever you go.

No Risk. 3-Year Warranty, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Compact. Place it on a bookshelf or just about anywhere else.

Independently-Controlled Fan -
Increased Air Circulation = Increased Air-Cleaning Efficiency
Turn if ON or OFF. Built-in fan can be turned on for optimal air-cleaning efficiency, or turned off for virtual silence.

Increases Effectiveness. Increased air flow created by the fan improves effectiveness compared to ionic air purifiers without a fan.

Collects Particles & Pollutants on Metal Dust Collection Plates.
Circulates Negative Ions on a "Seek and Destroy" Mission against Airborne Pollutants.
Easy-to-Clean Plates - You Can Really See The Difference!
Purifies and Collects -
Collects Particles & Pollutants on Dust Collection Plates While Circulating Air-Cleaning Negative Ions
1 - Collects Particles & Pollutants.

Particles & pollutants attract to the electrostatically-charged plates like a magnet, removing them from the environment. The stainless steel plates are very easy to wipe clean.

2 - Circulates Air-Cleaning Negative Ions.

Negative ions are dispersed into the air throughout a room, where they interact with airborne pollutants. Negative ions then bring particles out of the air you breathe, while disinfecting some of the airborne micro-organisms in the environment.

In other words, negative ions represent a way to neutralize particles and pollutants that do not find their way through the air purifier.

Easy-To-Clean Collection Plates -
Simple to Remove, Clean and Reinsert
1. Remove. Twist and pull the collector plate out of the purifier 2. Clean. Wipe the stainless steel blade clean with a rag, every 2-4 weeks. 3. Reinsert. Simply throw away or wash the cloth, then reinsert the plates.

You Can Really See The Difference!

Proven Effectiveness -
Removes Allergens, Dust, Micro-Organisms, Chemicals & More.

99.5% Removal Rate of Particles in 128 Cubic Foot Chamber -

In a recent lab test, the XJ-2100 removed 99.5% of airborne particulate in a 128 cubic foot chamber, designed to replicate the conditions in a typical room. This is more impressive than most removal rate percentages you see, since it measures the particles throughout an entire chamber outside the air purifier, and not just at the point where the air enters the air purifier, which is the common way of testing particle reduction.

Scientific Studies Proving Effectiveness of Negative Ion Air Purification:
  • U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: "95% reduction in airborne bacteria, and 92% of dust"
  • Good Housekeeping Magazine Engineers: "Effective at removing smoke"
  • Journal of Hygiene: "Reduces bacteria levels in burn surgery units by 96%"
Even More Reasons to Buy the
Heaven Fresh XJ-2100 Air  Ionizer
Removes Long List of Airborne Particles and Pollutants

The Heaven Fresh XJ-2100 ionic air purifier can remove just about any type of airborne particle or pollutant, including allergens (e.g. pollen, pet dander, dust, ragweed), micro-organisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses, mold), chemicals and odors.

High Negative Ion Output

As discussed above, negative ions are proven to effectively purify the air. Not only does the XJ-2100 produce negative ions, but it produces these air-cleaning molecules in higher quantities than many other air ionizes on the market.

No Replacement Costs

Unlike most air purifiers, your expenses are over after your initial purchase. As a result, you will save hundreds of dollars over the life of the XJ-2100, in comparison with other air purifiers.

Stainless Steel Components

Stainless steel is used for both the dust collection plates and ionizer pins, making this a highly durable and robust air purifier.


The tabletop shape, and compact size of the XJ-2100 ionic air purifier allow it to be placed just about anywhere in the home, including countertops, dresser tops, and bookshelves. 

No Risk

If you are not fully satisfied within the first 30 days - for any reason at all - then you can send the XJ-2100 back to us for a full refund, no questions asked. Heaven Fresh also provides a full, 3-year warranty, ensuring the XJ-2100 will last a long time.

Compared to 'Tower' Ionic Air Purifiers
Features Heaven

Fan for Increased Air Flow Yes No No
High Negative Ion Output Yes No No
Compact Yes No No
Car Adapter Included Yes No No
Price $139 $399.95 $349
Quantity Discounts Yes Yes No
Replace-ment Costs No No No
Low Energy Usage Yes Yes Yes
Particle Removal Test 99.5% 99.3% n/a

Benefits of the Heaven Fresh XJ-2100 not provided by the Ionic Breeze or other "Tower" Air Purifiers ...

 Fan Advantage:  A fan is included for added air flow, since the more air is circulated, the better it is cleaned.
 Price Advantage:
 3 or more units can be purchased for the price of one Ionic Breeze.
 Compact Advantage:  Can be placed in smaller or higher places, such as on a bookshelf.
 Negative Ion Advantage: Airborne particles that do not find their way inside the unit can still be removed, since air-cleaning negative ions circulate throughout room.
 Vehicle-Use Advantage:  Can be used in your vehicle while you drive, and much more portable overall, so you can enjoy purified air almost anywhere you go.

Negative Ion Advantage: Unlike these other "tower" ionic air purifiers advertised heavily on TV, the Heaven Fresh XJ-2100 can remove particles and pollutants from the air even if they do not find their way inside the unit. This is critical since most floating particles in a typical room will not make it through a single, stationary device.

XJ-2100 Specifications
Square Footage Covered: Up to 500 sq. ft. of open, well-ventilated space. Ideal coverage range of 250 to 350 sq. ft.

Power Consumption: 8 watts

Dimensions (inches): 5" H x 13.75" W x 8.66" D

Weight: 3.1 lbs.

Enclosure: Environmentally safe Corrosion-Resistant ABS plastic

Guarantee: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Warranty: 3-year parts and labor

Replacement: 90-Day Replacement Policy.

Maintenance: Easy-to-remove dust collection plate should be wiped off every 2-4 weeks, needlepoints every 1-3 months, and interior should be cleaned every 3-6 months.

Replacement Costs: No
replacement costs required.

Fan Speed: 15 cfm

Negative Ion Output: 60,000,000 ions per cubic cm.

Ozone Output: 0.015-0.04 PPM

 Available Colors:

All Colors In Stock.


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Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-600
Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-600
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