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Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-250
Combo: Heaven Fresh Air Purifier XJ-2100UV + XJ-250
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XJ-201 Ionic Freshener with Night Light
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Wholly Electronic Circuit with advanced Ionic Technology

Heaven Fresh XJ-201 Ionic Air Freshener and odour neutralizer is an ideal choice for small spaces such as bathrooms, storerooms, walk-in closets, pantries and other small areas where the airflow is usually stagnant.


Order XJ201
Order a combo: XJ201 + XJ2000  with discount
Order three units of XJ2000 and get XJ201 as a gift


Included Accessories:

Cordless 110V Adaptor attached on the back of the air purifier (for wall outlet)

Color Options:

Pearl White

Key features:

  • Use advanced Ionic Breeze Technology
  • Cordless electric plug, easily attached to wall outlet
  • Noiseless design, no motor
  • Ionizer dust collection plate
  • No filter replacement necessary, easy to clean
  • Night-Light LED version lasts forever
  • Eliminates nicotine smell, bacteria, molds, allergens and pet dander
  • Saves energy, use only 3 Watts of electricity daily
  • Keep indoor air clean, fresh and healthy, all the time!

    Special Features

    • Cordless electrical plug.
      The XJ-201 with its innovative and compact design features cordless electrical plug. It enables close fit to the wall without occupying unnecessary spaces.

    • LED nightlight that never burns out.
      Long life LED that provides enough light to a small space enables XJ-201 to be an ideal electric appliance for households.
    • Produces negative ions to clean particles as small as 0.01 micron.
      Negative ions force particles as small as 0.01 micron from the air. They can also neutralize airborne viruses and microorganism as well.
    • Metal Dust collection plates to absorb airborne contaminant.
      The XJ-201ís uniquely designed metal dust collection plates produces static electricity to absorb airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke near around.
    • Silent, cost efficient & no HEPA filter.
      The XJ-201 features virtually silent operation. HEPA machine on the other hand cause serious noise pollution and wastes hundreds of dollar in electricity as compared to XJ-201s $3 of electricity per year.
    Health Benefits of XJ-201
    • Better health with cleaner, fresher air.
      Stagnant air circulation usually occurs in kitchen, storage, bathroom, walk-in closet. These place will promote reproduction and growth of bacteria that will produce offensive odors. You can breath cleaner and fresher air with our XJ-201. Therefore better health.
    • Relief from asthma, allergies and other respiratory disease.
      The metal dust collection plate can hold microorganism and stimulants in the air such as dust, pollen, mold, mites, allergens, pet dander. This collection plate provide you relief from asthma, bronchitis, hay fever and other respiratory diseases.
    • Improves mood & performance with negative ions.
      Research shows that negative ion help regulate brain serotonin. The brainís serotonin neurotransmitter system has been associated with a variety of psychiatric disorders, including depression, anxiety, change of mood and alcohol addiction. Negative ion therapy has also been used successfully to combat the SAD (Seasonal Adaptive Disorder).
    How to use XJ-201
    • Plug the XJ-201 to the wall socket
      Simply plug in the cordless plug at the back of the XJ-201 to the wall socket in your bathroom, closet, or kitchen.

    • Caution!!
    • Do not plug or unplug with wet hand.
      Do not use wet hand to plug or unplug the XJ-201 from power socket to avoid electrical shock.
    • Do not wet or soak the air purifier.
      Do not wet or soak XJ-201 to avoid electrical short and damage to internal parts.
    • Do not insert metal items.
      Inserting metal items to the purifier or dismantling the purifier might cause short circuit or damage to the internal parts.
    • Donít put your face within 18 inches of the front grill continuously for several hours.
      If you want to sleep or sit for prolonged periods of time breathing the air, make sure that the XJ-201 is placed at least 18 inches away from your face.
    • Humidity causes static sound.
      Static electricity sounds produced during operation due to high humidity levels is not a malfunction and is harmless.
    Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Do not forget to unplug.
      Unplug the XJ-201 before performing any maintenance.
    • Pull out the dust collector.
      Pull out the dust collector that is located on top of the air purifier. Wipe the dust collector with a soft & clean cloth.
    • Clean cover with detergent.
      Use a mild detergent to clean the exterior of the XJ-201.
    • Clean once a month.
      Perform maintenance when needed or at least once a month to keep your XJ-201 operating at peak performance.
    Technical Specifications
    • Rated voltage = AC 100V-120V/50Hz~60Hz
    • Power consumption = 3W
    • Ion output >= 1x10000/cm3
    • Active oxygen output <= 0.05 ppm
    • Dimension: 220*90*80(mm) or 8.7*3.5*3.15(inches)
    • Weight = 250g or 0.55 lbs
    • Applicable area = Best suited for restrooms, bedrooms, closets, storage, kitchen, study room, pet den, office, corridor and other small spaces
    We recommend that individuals with a history of respiratory disease consult with their doctor about possible sensitivity to this machine.

    Order XJ201
    Order a combo: XJ201 + XJ2000  with discount
    Order three units of XJ2000 and get XJ201 as a gift

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    3 Units of Heaven Fresh XJ-2100UV Ionic Air Purifier + XJ-201
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